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All CollectionsPaymentsWhat is is an online escrow payment service headquartered in San Francisco, California. is the largest digital escrow company on the planet. They are registered in California, licensed as an escrow service, and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. 

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Licensing: maintains licensing in 48 states.
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Conducting high-value transactions with people you don’t know can be a risky proposition, especially when you do it online. As a Buyer, you run the risk of not getting what you paid for. As a Seller, you’re at risk of not being paid.

The good news is that there is a solution. provides you with all the protection you need to conduct high-value transactions safely and securely, all while ensuring your peace of mind. Read on to discover how protects you, whether you’re a Buyer, a Seller, having a reputable, licensed, neutral 3rd party keeps everyone safe.

Detailed information on how everyone is protected can be found here:

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